Put your cognitive abilities to the ultimate test

Cognitron is the world's first artificial intelligence web-robot who's sole purpose is to learn all about human intelligence. Along the way, Cognitron aims to develop the best possible set of cognitive tests for measuring cognitive abilities from the human brain.

We'll use the set of tests developed by Cognitron to create new and powerful assessments of neurological and mental health disorders

Help us understand Human Intelligence

Learn more about your cognitive abilities in an intelligence test based on cutting edge neuroscientific research! Along the way, you'll help researchers at Imperial College London develop our understanding of intelligence alongside helping us develop a new way to do science

What is Involved?

When you start the Challenge, Cognitron will suggest a series of 12 tests for you to try. Once you have completed these first 12 tests, You will be able to see how you perform relative to other participants and to challenge your friends to beat your scores. You also will be able to come back and to improve your score or try the new tests that Cognitron develops as it learns more about human intelligence.

Cognitron starts with conventional cognitive tests, then it will progressively design newer, better and more brain-twisting exercises based on what it learns.

The Challenge will take about 30 minutes in total. After completing all of the tests, you will be shown your results.

About Us

Cognitron was developed by a crack team of cognitive scientists, clinical researchers and computer engineers based in the Computational, Cognitive and Clinical Neuroimaging Laboratory at Imperial College London - one of the highest ranked universities in the world.

Tests developed by the Cognitron team in the past have been taken by hundreds of thousands of people. They are widely used in scientific research and clinical assessment around the globe.

The team has published hundreds of papers on the topic of human cognition and they are experts in artificial intelligence and machine learning.

The project builds on high-profile findings from previous research investigating the neural-basis of intelligence (Hampshire et al., Neuron 2012) and machine learning methods based on Bayesian learning (Lorenz et al., TICS 2017).

See how you stack up against 31480 people from around the world, and take the world's first AI based test of Human Intelligence!

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